Keep the house clean when it rains outside

Keep the house clean when it rains outside

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When it rains, you don't have to wonder where the kids are. Most of the time, you can follow in their footsteps around the house between dripping raincoats and muddy shoes. And now you already hear the cop flock announcing a new house cleaning session. And if instead of crying (by adding more water, bad idea), we were looking for tips so that rainy day continues to rhyme with happy day!

Create a security airlock

On rainy days, certain things should not cross the threshold of your house. Establish a very strict rule on this subject: shoes, boots and umbrella must wait to be dry before returning to the house. Provide an umbrella stand, a mop or a doormat to avoid getting too dirty in front of your door (especially if you live in an apartment).

Everyone leaves their umbrella in the umbrella stand!

A fitted entrance

The storage space in your entrance must be easy to clean. This means that nothing should drag on the ground in your entrance. You can for example provide coat hooks for bags with a mop underneath. Coats like raincoats should also be hung in the same place. The idea being to contain in the same perimeter the businesses likely to dirty your interior. When the water has finished falling from the bags and coats, all you have to do is wring your mop and sweep the floor quickly.

Adapted outfits

If children's (or adults') clothes are soaked, get them used to undress right away and put their things in the laundry basket. The worst thing is to spread your wet clothes all over the house, which could cause stains and dirt. To make things easier, you can offer children indoor outfits in which they feel good so they will not hesitate to change when they get home.

What about dogs?

Dirt issue, the wet dog is a real nightmare. If the space in your home allows, the solution is to store at the entrance everything necessary to dry your dog. In this kit, you will obviously have a towel but also a toy to occupy it while drying. If you have a garage, you can get your pet used to entering through this access: this will keep its entry impeccable. What if you were to win Connox accessories, umbrellas, design thermometers, and even gift certificates, to make your life easier in rainy weather?