Lay a frieze

Lay a frieze

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Adhesive, paint, or sticker, think of wall friezes to decorate your walls. How to choose them? How to ask them? Answers in pictures!

How to choose your frieze?

In addition to their decorative side, the wall friezes modify the proportions of the rooms, structure the large wall surfaces, and mark the transitions. They allow you to enhance the space of your room and assert your style. Be aware that a frieze can be positioned at different levels in the room: - Positioned at the edge of the ceiling or about fifteen centimeters from it, the frieze guides the gaze upwards and creates a balance with the furniture and accessories . - Glued about 1 meter from the ground, the frieze shares the wall makes the room appear open upwards. Once the location defined, choose the model that suits you. The stores are full of ideas, you just have to decide between an adhesive model, a sticker or possibly a stencil that will allow you to create a decorative frieze with paint.

How to lay your frieze?

Whichever option you choose, before you start, make sure the surface is clean and completely dry. To install a frieze, it is necessary to take marks along the wall depending on the positioning of the frieze that you have chosen. Check with a level that the drawn line is horizontal. To help you draw the line, you can use a window or a door. For a model to glue, cut the length you need, glue the frieze with special glue. As for the wallpaper, fold the completely glued frieze on itself to allow it to soak following the time indicated on the supplier's label. Then position the top of the frieze on the line and apply it with the upholstery brush.

Frieze: how to put your sticker?

For a sticker, you will need to peel off the chosen motif, affix it precisely as you go along, then rub down to expel air bubbles and glue your frieze.

Frieze: how to put your stencil?

Finally for a stencil, the best is to tape your stencil, to gently paint the patterns using a specific brush for this type of operation. Then shift your stencil and repeat the operation over the entire length of your wall.


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