Maintain a concrete floor

Maintain a concrete floor

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From factories of the 1960s to contemporary lofts, concrete floors have not aged. Very beautiful, they require, like any flooring, some maintenance if you want to keep them as pretty as the day of their installation. Here are some useful tips for the maintenance of concrete floors.

Regular maintenance of concrete floors: how to do it?

Properly maintaining a concrete floor means dusting it regularly with a broom or vacuum cleaner before cleaning it with a mop. For this step, we fill a bucket with hot water to which we add a neutral pH product like a dose of St Marc detergent. The mop is then soaked in this mixture to pass over the floor. Attention, the concrete being porous, it is necessary to rinse it then with clear water and to dry it.

Maintenance of concrete floors: ban chemicals

Again, keep in mind that concrete is a porous material and therefore more likely to deteriorate quickly. For the maintenance of concrete, it is imperative to forget over-chemical products such as ammonia, bleach or soda.

Removing stains from concrete floors

To remove stains from your waxed concrete floor, prefer soft and natural products. For a greasy stain, for example, sprinkle it with talc, massage and leave to act for an hour. The widely used baking soda is also recommended when it comes to dirt from our waxed concrete.