Tracing paper decorations: the practical notebook

Tracing paper decorations: the practical notebook

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Tracing paper is a dry material. It breaks easily and the folds are final. As for the blade of the actu: 739781 cutter, quickly blunt, it will have to be changed often. However, its behavior is excellent and if you know how to be careful, you will get a easily flawless result. The tracing paper is also very suitable for applying stickers. You can use cookie cutters without restraint, fantasy or not, scissors or rotary cutters. The result, perfectly clear, will be all the more satisfactory. Finally, tracing paper is a delicate material, which does not support water. You will therefore need to use suitable glues, paints and felts. The spray or roller glues, as well as double-sided adhesive tapes or films will be perfect. You avoid stick or gel glues, which will cause your paper to curl irreparably. The traces of glue will be cleaned very well with liquid stain remover, applied using a piece of cotton.

Solvent-based paints for stained glass or ceramic will be useful for you. Any water-based paint should be avoided. Glass felts or alcohol felts can also be used without problems, as well as chalks and pencils.