The arched floor lamp, an essential object

The arched floor lamp, an essential object

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In 1962, Achille Castiglioni designed a floor lamp in the shape of an arched rod. It is the beginning of a long saga which has not stopped being declined and revisited. Presentation of an intact success lamp.

Design and origins

It will soon be 50 years since Italian designer Achille Castiglioni created the Arco floor lamp for Flos. Inspired by industrial design, the work is an arched metal rod based on a rectangular marble base. At the end of the rod is fixed the semi-spherical lampshade. Most ? An adjustable system to bring the lamp to the desired height and a hole on the marble block ensuring easy transport. The very delicate and aesthetic aspect of this stem fascinates. Quickly, in restaurants as in cinemas, success was there.

A revamped floor lamp

If the famous floor lamp shaped rod marked the era of the sixties, it did not fail to be revisited and modernized to become accessible to all. Without touching the arcuate orientable metal rod, the flagship element of this floor lamp, the rectangular marble base has been replaced either by a steel structure, more current, or by a marble base, this time, in the form of a flat circle. The lampshade is available in other materials such as fabric or polypropylene, allowing an infinite choice of colors. The prices of these arched floor lamps range from 90 € to 300 €. They are available in supermarkets and in specialized decoration stores. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"