Which boat deck parquet to choose for the bathroom?

Which boat deck parquet to choose for the bathroom?

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Exotic, European or laminate, the boat deck parquet presents an essential advantage: it is 100% water repellent. This characteristic allows it to be the only type of parquet perfectly suited to damp rooms. It is therefore the ultimate bathroom parquet, available in several types of wood and in different widths of parquet boards. However, unlike a classic parquet whose installation is accessible to the greatest number, the installation of a boat deck parquet requires a technical know-how and a very particular precision. So, ready to take the plunge?

  1. Boat deck parquet: rigorous parquet laying
  2. Boat deck parquet: what types of wood?
  3. Boat deck parquet: our decor ideas!
  4. Boat deck parquet: false good ideas
  5. Boat deck parquet: prices

1. Boat deck parquet: rigorous parquet laying

The laying of "boat deck" parquet respects a precise technical protocol which imposes a glued laying method with the addition of a polyurethane joint. The parquet is glued to guarantee foolproof resistance to changes in temperature and humidity in the air, typical of a room like the bathroom. This technique therefore involves the know-how of a professional. The boat deck parquet is laid on a clean and dry floor. The boards must be laid two days before the joints are made. The grooves must be vacuumed to leave them clean before applying the polyurethane sealant, which must be applied vertically to avoid any air intrusion. Once the liquid has been applied, the excess must be smoothed. Then comes a drying period of at least three days. The last essential finish is to sand it with an abrasive sheet. And as the quality of the boat deck parquet is due to its perfect waterproofness, obtained in particular by means of a very rigorous installation, we advise you to rely on a professional ... and to concentrate on the funniest part: the decor of your room!

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2. Boat deck parquet: what types of wood?

The choice of wood species for your boat deck parquet will depend not only on your budget but also on the decorative spirit that you want to infuse into your bathroom. The boat deck parquet is available in European, exotic or laminated wood. European wood is considered a boat deck after having undergone a suitable and rigorous treatment, unlike exotic wood which is naturally rot-proof. We thus find our beeches, spruces, poplars, ash trees and maritime pines among the range of wood species used in the bathroom, while merbau, teak, kempas, ipe, wenge, jatoba and doussié remain references on the subject. But other wood species enrich this range, especially in the laminate category where we also find Japanese cherry, walnut or noble oak. Note that there are also imitation parquet deck tiles on the boat deck. A good economic alternative that you can install this time yourself without fearing for the waterproofing of your floor! Deco side strictly speaking, preferably choose wood species of light shade in small bathrooms or in bathrooms that do not have good natural light. You will always lay the boards in the longest direction of the room, which will also ideally be the direction of natural light. Likewise, you will adapt the width of your parquet boards to the dimensions of your room: the narrower the room, the more your boards will also be.

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3. Boat deck parquet: our decor ideas!

The boat deck parquet has a strong personality which can sometimes be difficult to tame. How to decorate your bathroom with boat deck parquet in order to enhance this strong element without letting it take up all the space? Among the major trends of the past two years, the mid-century style, a true revival of the minimalist and warm interiors of the 50s, will marry perfectly with a boat deck parquet. The boat deck parquet and its characteristic rectilinear dark joints will indeed combine perfectly with this style adept of graphic lines and beautiful materials. In the bathroom, this will result in a suspended vanity unit or on dark wooden legs. Install a beautiful round countertop basin and black taps, which will subtly echo the joints of the parquet floor, whose linearity you will break thanks to a large round frameless mirror, very refined. Exit the shower curtain which will be replaced by a simple glass wall. Use light colored walls, ideally metro or even hexagonal tiles. On the lighting side, opt for very simple luminaires, for example with visible bulbs, so as not to overload the room. And go no further! Your beauty accessories and your cosmetics, displayed in pretty containers, will then be enough to fill your shelves, which you will also take care to never overload. What about storing your towels and everything you usually find in a real bathroom? Provide clever and invisible storage, such as small hanging furniture, preferably white, that you will attach to the walls. It is also possible to integrate the boat deck parquet in its bathroom with small touches, on the clothing of a built-in bathtub or a bath or shower outlet for example.

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4. Boat deck parquet: false good ideas

Everything is far from permitted in terms of "boat deck" decoration! A moment of inattention can quickly make us sink into a deco-faux-pas, in particular because of the very strong presence of this flooring. I have compiled for you the three most common false good ideas in terms of decorative boats. * All wood: the wooden bathroom is classy on a boat, but in your house such a decoration may create a feeling of confinement and darken your room enormously. If your floor is already in boat deck parquet, try to favor light-colored furniture and wall coverings that are not also made of wood. * The total boat look: it's tempting ... But it's also and above all much too easy! Your boat deck parquet deserves much better than that, and you know it. And if you really like the seaside style, go for it in small touches and balance your decor with other more neutral objects. * The mixture of trends: just because boat deck parquet and industrial style are both trends this year does not mean that they blend well together. These are two styles with very strong personalities which both deserve to be balanced by a few lighter elements. Do you recognize your bathroom in one of these descriptions? No worries ! It is possible to rebalance the balance in a very simple way: too much wood? Paint some white furniture and place some green plants to lighten your room. Sea sickness ? Replace your decorative elements on the marine theme with much more neutral objects, and avoid blue. A decor that is still looking for? No need for large investments: we often neglect the mirror of our bathroom, which is however a very important element of the decoration of this room. Simply replace it with another model more in line with your new parquet.

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5. Boat deck parquet: prices

It takes, on average, between 50 and 100 € per m² for exotic woods, from 30 € per m² for European wood and from 25 € per m² for laminate. Added to this is the cost of laying and sanding. This type of parquet is therefore quite expensive, but it is capable of structuring all the decoration of your bathroom by itself, bringing it an undeniable charm and style, so do not hesitate to get started!


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