5 ideas to create a corner of nature at home

5 ideas to create a corner of nature at home

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Even when you don't have a garden, you can recreate a piece of nature at home! In house or apartment, it is important to bring nature inside for a feeling of freshness. Here are our tips for creating your green space at home.

A garden on the balcony

If you are lucky enough to have a balcony, take the opportunity to create a real garden! On the program, grass on the ground, climbing plants on the railing and why not a small vegetable patch? To refresh the atmosphere, bet on a small fountain or a pond for birds.

Indoor turf

Grass doesn't just find its place outside! Be aware that designers like Racine Carré have developed lawns to grow indoors. These are small designer squares in which grass will grow in order to decorate your interior with a green touch. Be aware that there are many sizes to adapt to all situations.

Green plants in every room

Do not be afraid to install green plants in all rooms of the house! The plants give life to the rooms while bringing a touch of nature. Know that you will find plants suitable for each room and even for the bathroom particularly humid. In the bedroom, choose a small plant and remember to ventilate well so that the air is always of good quality. Depolluting plants will be particularly recommended.

Seasonal flowers

Opt for a bouquet of seasonal flowers in your main room. This will allow you to change varieties often with always different shapes and colors! A bouquet of flowers immediately brings joy and gives a very lively side to the room.

Natural materials

Finally, for a natural spirit, bet on natural materials! And for that, nothing like wooden furniture. Prefer light wood because dark woods sometimes have a negative image in the minds of people especially because of deforestation. Choosing a light wood gives a better echo to nature and its freshness. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"