A 100% optimized library

A 100% optimized library

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The library can be a formidable ally of storage ... or its worst enemy. So much so that library rats have sometimes razed the library. Are your shelves creaking? Are your lockers overflowing? Do not panic. We take stock of the tips for optimize library space .

Fill your library neither too much nor too little!

Books have a soul, a history, a scent, even an aura that make the library as inspiring as the works that compose it. A favorite corner of insatiable readers, the library is one of the rare places in the house where disorder is allowed, even poetic… provided, however, that you do not go overboard. To enhance the visual effect of your library, the first rule of thumb is to garnish it neither too much nor too little!

Play on the variations

A library stocked only with pocket books will create a redundant aesthetic effect. To gain dynamism, be sure to harmoniously combine the storage and accessories that make up your library. Books, decorative objects, boxes and figurines combine, for example, with LORENA bookcases and drawers to draw a composition that catches the eye while optimizing storage spaces.

Create symmetry

The library should be seen as a whole. A locker placed in the left center of your TASSIA library will for example be counterbalanced by a locker placed in the right center. As often in decoration, where shapes and colors meet, harmony and well-being are born.

Add elements if necessary

A library crumbling under an accumulation of books is, as you can see, a formidable anti-decoration weapon. To stretch your library to match your collections of books and objects, think about smart libraries or to modular ranges . Blocks of doors, corner shelves, secretaries, vertical structures and dividers allow you to compose and recompose your library as you wish. Thus, the elements are juxtaposed with your library to complete it ... without making it overflow. Good reading !

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