How to create a fun and practical children's room?

How to create a fun and practical children's room?

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You think the your child's room is too small to allow you to arrange it with fantasy? Even if he is a fan of pirates or super heroes, the total look is not mandatory! Useful and original furniture, practical and funny storage, here are 3 good ideas to offer him the bedroom of his dreams.

Idea n ° 1: play the color card

To easily organize the Room arrangement from Junior, nothing like a colorful storage cabinet. Fun and original, it will appeal to young and old alike! The LOUPI library, in the shape of a small house, will allow your little one to easily store his books, notebooks, objects and games on its four floors. And who knows, this may give you ideas for playing with colors in the rest of your interior!

Idea n ° 2: choose practical and customizable furniture

As we know, our dear toddlers love to leave a creative trace of their passage: graffiti or posters on the walls, drawings on the living room table, felt strokes on the sofa ... And if you offered them the possibility to learn to store their space while personalizing it? Let your child bring his personal touch to raw furniture, and make it the storage asset of his kingdom! The pretty CORSAIRE storage chest can be customized at leisure with paint or stickers. It will perfectly accommodate your child's toys and allow you to keep their room always in order. For older children, the same goes for the STUDENT desk and its liftable upper table like those on old school desks .

Idea n ° 3: multiply smart storage

Does your child dream of extraordinary adventures or playing cowboys and Indians "for real"? Arrange his room with functional furniture which will stimulate his imagination at the same time. He will feel at home and will take on these everyday objects all the better. The TIPI shelf is ideal for hosting your child's books or toys, thanks to its five white shelves and its original design. If you prefer create a fun atmosphere with storage accessories rather than furniture, opt for baskets or storage boxes . The BASKET PETS basket in the shape of a shark's mouth is perfect for cleaning up and creating an offbeat atmosphere. Toys, books, socks, dirty laundry ... And presto! Everything is tidy!

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