How to properly clean the toilet bowl?

How to properly clean the toilet bowl?

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Tartar, limestone and yellow marks ruin the decor of the toilets, in addition to posing hygiene problems? The task hunt is declared in the WC! To keep the toilet bowl white and clean, follow a few cleaning tips and admire.

White vinegar to maintain the toilets

He is the best friend of natural cleaning! White vinegar works wonders in the house, including WC. To clean the toilet bowl, first empty the water by scrubbing with the brush, or flushing the toilet before turning off the water supply. Then fill the bowl with white vinegar, then leave to stand overnight. You can heat the vinegar beforehand to boost its effectiveness. And if the traces go back high in the bowl, line it with toilet paper soaked in white vinegar, it will stay in place on the stains until it takes action.

Clean the toilet bowl with coca-cola

Soda to clean a toilet bowl? It is not a joke, but a known grandmother's thing: acid and sparkling, the coke acts like vinegar on the limestone. Something to help out if the bottle of vinegar is empty! Empty the toilet water and pour a soda bottle directly into the bowl. Let sit overnight and when you wake up, scrub with the brush before flushing.

Cleaner toilets thanks to baking soda

Another champion of ecological cleaning, baking soda is even more effective when mixed with white vinegar. Pour half a glass of each into the toilet bowl and leave to act for 30 minutes before scrubbing with the brush. Then flush and repeat as many times as necessary, depending on the level of dirt in the toilet. Do you need to clean up traces near the rim of the toilet? Prepare a paste with bicarbonate and a lesser amount of white vinegar. Cover the stains and leave to pose in the same way.

Whiten the bowl with soda crystals

Tartar, yellow traces or worse, brown? Don't panic, the soda crystals come to the rescue. Dilute 3 tablespoons of crystals in 1 liter of boiling water, pour into the toilet bowl and leave to act for about 15 minutes. A brushstroke is usually enough to remove the last unwanted traces! But beware of the skin or the eyes, the soda crystals are irritating. Use gloves, or even a mask and goggles before handling them.

Maintain the toilet bowl with toilet tablets

Simple and practical, the toilet tablets have to keep the bowl clean without much effort. Put a lozenge at bedtime, leave it on overnight, it's done. They will not save you the background cleaning from time to time, but allow you to space it out by completing the maintenance. You can even make them yourself, with homemade recipes. Result: antibacterial, descaling, cleaning and disinfecting, natural and ecological DIY toilet tablets!

Clean a toilet bowl with hydrochloric acid

If all of Grandma's tricks have failed, all that remains is to use the great means: hydrochloric acid. Use with as much caution as sparingly, since it is dangerous and polluting, and never in septic tanks. That said, it is ultra-efficient on encrusted stains or glued pieces. Plan A, fill the toilet bowl as much as possible by slowly pouring the contents of a carafe, then add a glass of acid. Leave on until there is no more foam, between 10 and 30 minutes, closed bowl, then flush. Beware of projections, cover up!