Good things to do at home at Christmas

Good things to do at home at Christmas

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We would like to tell you about a special Christmas, a Christmas without talking about shopping, a Christmas without talking about gifts, or decorations that will amaze you. We would like to tell you about a Christmas that returns to the very essence of this celebration, a Christmas of sharing, joy and good humor. Some people criticize Christmas for having become too commercial a party, but why spoil its pleasure when all it takes is a few simple good actions to regain the spirit of Christmas.

For you

It may seem odd in an article devoted to good deeds to start on the subject of one's own person, which some might consider as selfishness. However, it is not by chance, thinking about yourself does not necessarily mean having fun by giving yourself gifts or taking time to recharge your batteries (even if we also recommend it). No, the best thing you can do for yourself during this year-end period is kindness. Indeed, enjoy the benefits of benevolence during Christmas because its effects are beneficial and have repercussions on those around you. We give you a specific example: this year you are in charge of making the Christmas log. You can set the bar very high and get stressed out in a big baker's Christmas log operation or you can make a dessert that you master with all the children while listening to a disc of Christmas songs. Which of the two options do you think will bring more joy to the house?

Offer to agree but above all thank others for what they are!

For the family

When we think of Christmas, we first think of a family celebration. The truth is that it is not that easy to keep your family happy all year round, it can even happen that more or less serious quarrels hamper our family relationships. Without a doubt, forgiving is the most difficult but also the most laudable good action that one can do during Christmas. If making the Christmas truce is not easy, we can still try a gesture like wishing a merry Christmas to a person with whom we got mad. For everyone else, we obviously offer gifts, but let's keep in mind that the essential is not there. The most precious gift for her family is time to spend together. Going for walks, playing the board game, cooking with several hands or even watching a family movie are some of the wonderful moments that make the Christmas holidays so magical.

And if you were making Christmas shortbread cookies as a family?

For those around you

But Christmas is also a celebration of sharing. You have to succeed in opening your heart to others, not necessarily the people you meet every day, but also those you meet and who you really don't really know. They may be your neighbors or the people responsible for cleaning your business premises or even your traders. If you think about it a bit, you realize that many of the people around us all year round are still perfect strangers to us. So let's consider Christmas time as a good time to get closer to them. Nothing too complicated for that: a sentence such as “I wish you happy holidays” spoken sincerely and with a smile can already warm your heart. If you have a generous soul, you can also plan one or more batches of Christmas shortbread to distribute to your neighbors. Sharing can also be done with Christmas decorations: hanging a Christmas wreath on your outside door or garlands in your garden contributes to the magic of Christmas and makes passersby happy.

A family photo, a nice note and your greeting card will make you happy!

And for those who are further

Finally there are those who seem unreachable, either because they are physically far away or because we do not know them. For distant family or friends that we see only too rarely, it is important to show that we think of them during this period. Pick up the phone to wish an old aunt or expatriate loved ones a Merry Christmas is a nice gift that will only cost you a little time. In the same vein, why not update the greeting card? It is also an opportunity for a family activity by asking the children to participate in the creation of the card. Finally, we cannot talk about good deeds without mentioning the work of many associations that work to improve the lot of people: the Christmas period is a good time to think about giving, whether it is time or money . Children can also participate, for example, by donating the toys they no longer use: La Grande Récré stores collect money every year, you just have to drop off the toys. Finally there are plenty of ideas for good deeds during Christmas. It is not a question of money but it is above all a state of mind, to realize that this celebration is an opportunity to think of others without necessarily having to go through the wallet.