6 ideas to paint stripes on your walls

6 ideas to paint stripes on your walls

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Painting stripes on a wall allows you to personalize your decor as you wish. It's up to you to provide more or less regular spacing, repetitive colors or not, wide or small bands, painted horizontally or vertically… To help you with your choices, we have selected examples of trendy designs, for all interior styles.

Wide horizontal bands to enlarge a hallway or entrance

In a hallway or entrance, think of the wide horizontal bands that will widen the space and add a touch of fantasy to your room. Here, the colors chosen, chocolate and beige, bring light and warmth to the whole.

Alternate stripes and wallpaper

The sign Leroy Merlin had the idea of ​​alternating stripes and wallpaper. Here, the idea is to create a baroque style set, with floral wallpaper and regular vertical bands but of different sizes in blue tones. The choice of a vertical realization allows to reinforce the impression of height of the room.

On a section of wall to brighten up a uniform room

Astral also offers an idea of ​​a vitamin boost, alternating large cherry red bands with smaller white ones. Arranged on a single section of the living room wall, they structure the room and enhance the sofa corner In a completely white bathroom,Astral play with the lemon yellow and purple arranged above the bathtub, to brighten up the whole. Same idea with an achievement Leroy Merlin in a living room where the bright green stripes associated with gray light up the room.

Combine irregular bands of fresh colors

In Leroy Merlin , we choose to associate horizontal bands of light colors together: almond green, light blue and white. The result is bright and original, the room seems wider. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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