List of useful things to do in front of the TV

List of useful things to do in front of the TV

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To all those who say that they cannot help you because they are watching TV (and not a masterpiece in addition), here is a list of useful things for home and organization of the family.

Find meal ideas

Preparing menus in advance saves time in the evening and better manages the stock in your refrigerator. This activity does not require concentration, so you can do it in front of the TV. Just take a few recipe books with you and flip through them, you will see that your stomach will signal to you as soon as a dish is suitable. Then write down the ideas and ingredients on a notepad. Nothing easier !


The list of ingredients finished, you can do your shopping while staying on your sofa. With online shopping, it's much easier! Today online supermarkets also allow you to keep lists of your purchases already made. Result, a considerable time saving and we no longer have to miss our favorite series.

Organize your mailbox

Since you're already at your computer, take the opportunity to do some cleaning up. It's time or never to sort through your mailbox, a task that we usually always postpone the next day because it quickly becomes tiresome. In front of the TV, the thing will be much less annoying even if it is to repeat the gesture of right click and delete.

Put away the photos

You can put the computer down and tackle another task that is still postponed: sorting the photos. Take your courage in both hands and bring all the photos of the house that are still not stored on the coffee table. Then try to group them by theme to later make albums, for example.

Sort the papers

This is another activity that is constantly postponed: sorting the papers is however quite simple and quick once we look into the matter. With a program or a film to watch, the task becomes much less daunting. However, it is better to limit yourself to sorting paper and not to paying invoices.

Folding laundry

This task is well known to all those who like to hang out in front of the TV. Folding laundry is so easy that it can be done almost automatically. This is a good idea for children who want to help at home but without letting go of their cartoon. In the same vein, we can ask that the pairs of socks be grouped together.

With the sound of steam, we choose a film in VO with subtitles


After the folded laundry, there is obviously the ironed laundry. Everyone has at least once in their life ironed in front of the TV and this is proof that we do not have to be inactive while watching a screen. Some precautions to be taken, however: avoid overly complicated clothing such as shirts and if you have a steam generator, turn up the volume!


Less common than ironing, this activity is however very useful. To organize this small workshop in front of the TV, we take great care to have in front of us a large cloth or a towel which is no longer used so as not to make stains. With your shoe polish (brush and shoe polish), you can watch a movie quietly while pampering your shoes.

Shell the peas

Even if the TV is not in the kitchen, you can very well help prepare the dish. There are actually a lot of preparations that require little concentration and that will help a lot in the kitchen. You can choose to shell the peas, peel the potatoes, make melon balls, hull the strawberries or even pit the cherries. And you can even do it all in front of a cooking show!

Make lists

For fans of organization, the time in front of the TV can be optimized for making lists. In terms of material, all you need is a small notebook, a pencil and a little bit of your brain (the other part still watching TV). The most common list is the to-do-list, in other words the list of things to do, but you can also create more personal lists like that of the books you want to read or that of gift ideas for your children.

Time to take out the needles

Darning and mending

Far from being a tacky activity, sewing and knitting are coming back to the forefront. To darn socks, for example, you don't have to have your eyes riveted on their points. For more complicated jobs, however, wait until you have reached a certain level before doing them in front of your television screen.

Do a DIY

For some DIY, it is better to stay focused so doing it in front of the TV is not advised. Nevertheless you will always find small manual activities which do not require all your attention. Collages are particularly suitable for this type of dual activity.