Emmie's room

Emmie's room

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A sensory room

The concept of sensory room is inspired by the Snoezelen concept and contributes to the well-being of children, especially those with specific needs. Developed in the Netherlands in the 1970s, this approach is based on three distinct activities: relaxation, discovery, interactivity. It is important to create a refuge for them to recharge their batteries. At bedtime, the sensory room becomes a magical place, a haven of peace to create moments of sharing between Emmie and her parents. So we installed: The Nebula sphere projector: the projector is a key element of any Snoezelen-inspired sensory room. "Fiber optic" mood lamp: this small fiber optic lamp solicits both vision and touch with its strands of very light luminous fibers. She encourages Emmy to develop her hand-eye coordination when she wants to touch the strands. Placed at arm's length, Emmie must stand up to be able to manipulate her: the lamp thus acts as a motivator! A sensory psychomotor island to place in the corner of the room. It is made up of a water column and several foam psychomotricity platforms to encourage Emmie to climb and access the column. The wall adjoining the column corner is animated by bright buzzers and sound and one bright piano acting as additional motivators for Emmie in acquiring a standing position. In the bedroom you also find the space projector with 3 discs "sky, zoo and sheep": great for creating a routine for falling asleep and telling stories and Twiddle cat or dog plush: a soft plush with which you can slip your hands and manipulate small objects. A Montessori-inspired play area - An activity wall We positioned awakening and manipulation activities on the wall to encourage vertical position at Emmie. The panels placed in a row will not only motivate Emmie to get up but also to push her to move forward, taking a few steps towards the next panel to find out. Here are the 3 panels in Emmie's room: rain tree sign , a fabric bags panel , tactile sensory panel , visual sensory panel , multicolored panel - The game corner A selection of beautiful ergonomic toys that encourage sensoriality and manipulation: recessed with large handles , house with locks , musical bells on pedestals , nesting dolls , stacking tower Rose Montessori , large foam mirrors , Wobble Bobble vibrating ball , rain stick , dog kennel . Motor games 2 motor games to encourage general coordination and provide vestibular stimulation to Emmie:
The little spinning top with his cushion : Emmie can sit comfortably in it and ask her mom or dad to spin it around to stimulate her vestibular sense like on a merry-go-round. Gradually as she develops motor skills, Emmie can rotate her herself using the centrifugal force of her body. Emmie will also use this top to put her dolls in, hide under it or climb it like a mountain!
The carrier U : this small carrier allows him to help him move from moving by crawling to moving on "casters" using these legs. She will therefore develop her muscular strength and coordination while being able to sneak into every corner of the house. The HOP'TOYS company The Hop'Toys company has been offering games, toys and fun learning and rehabilitation tools for over 16 years. Our games are selected for children with disabilities but not that, since our credo is "design for all": what is essential for the specific needs of people with disabilities, is also necessary for some, and comfortable for all! For Emmie, who is psychomotor retarded, we have created a sensory room for her to develop her awakening and help her acquire new motor skills! The coordinates Hop'Toys online store: //www.hoptoys.fr/ Customer service: 04 67 13 81 10 Hop'Toys blog: //www.bloghoptoys.fr/ Facebook: //www.facebook.com/hoptoys.jeux. toys.enfant.handicap / Twitter: //twitter.com/HOPTOYS_FRANCE Instagram: //www.instagram.com/hoptoys_fr/ Pinterest: //fr.pinterest.com/hoptoys/


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