Decorative tips at low prices for a first apartment

Decorative tips at low prices for a first apartment

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Whether you have a studio or a two-room apartment, fitting out your first apartment is certainly not easy, especially if you have a small budget to stick to… Don't panic, no need to have luxury tastes to decorate your first apartment in an original way. Dé gives you the best tips to test. Welcome home.

Multifunctional furniture for an optimized space

You have finally found your first apartment and you now want to get started in its decoration… The only problem: you have a rather reduced budget? Do not panic, there are countless tips at low prices to build an apartment at the top. Before you start, think strategically and choose multifunctional furniture. We think for example of chests and poufs, perfect for bringing comfort and character to your living room or bedroom ... while offering new storage. Think of TV furniture that can also serve as a coffee table, stools with drawers that can be used as a bedside table or even folding chairs. Space saving guaranteed!

A safe bed and a bookcase TV cabinet to save storage!

A loft bed for a faultless

Whether you have a separate bedroom or you sleep in the living room, for a faultless opt for a loft bed. Real decoration hero, you will gain a lot of space thanks to it, all without neglecting your comfort in your first apartment . If you don't have a bedroom, the loft bed creates a permanent sleeping area - unlike the sofa bed which must be folded down every day. In the same way, you will be able to arrange a real living room corner under the mezzanine to welcome family and friends comfortably. Add a convertible sofa under the loft bed to accommodate your loved ones! But if you have the luxury of having a room, then take the opportunity to have an office space below!

A loft bed to create a small living room under his bed!

Functional and smart storage

Do not skimp on the storage furniture in your first apartment. All means are good to save space and organize your decor as well as possible. Prefer, for example, wall storage: shelves, cupboards, dressing room… Be smart and use the height under the ceiling. You just have to recycle or bet on simple wooden boards to create your custom storage and all atlittle price . Do not forget the less accessible places like the space above the toilet, below the sink or behind the doors, this can also be good alternatives.

In each room, the wall shelves save you space!

Decorative tips at low prices to define the space

You will not always have the luxury of having a separate bedroom or space in your first apartment. The trick here is to compartmentalize the spaces and create like more intimate small rooms. The solution is therefore to opt for furniture or accessories that will act as separation. We are thinking, for example, of adding a pretty screen, curtains or a bookcase that can easily separate the bedroom space from the living space. Good news: there are many models at low prices.

Think of removable partitions to separate spaces with subtlety!

Recuperation, a good decorative solution at a low price

If you want to add cachet to your decor without breaking the bank, take a look at the side of salvage items. Whether it's furniture for your loved ones or decorative accessories flea market, you will be surprised to find many things that you can easily recycle and put at home. We think for example of the old family buffet, jars or jars of jams, fruit crates or wooden pallets which can be recycled into coffee tables or shelves. be creative, your decor promises to be original and all without having to pay the price. Not bad is not it ?

An old mirror, an old buffet: the art of china has great surprises in store for you!

Decorative accessories to boost your apartment

And the best for last, give the final touch to your decor with accessories at low prices. Printed cushions, woven carpets, plaids, kitchen accessories, wall decoration ... Have fun mixing materials and different color palettes to shake your room in the blink of an eye. However, be careful not to overdo it, so as not to create an overly charged effect. You can also give the illusion of a larger space by adding large mirrors. They will add an elegant dose to your decor without breaking the bank. We love !

Vases, cushions, mirrors: accessories at low prices will make the charm of your apartment!