A 4-star campsite in the garden

A 4-star campsite in the garden

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With the wave of "glamping", the luxury and eco-friendly version of camping, a touch of glamor as a bonus, ephemeral camps are going upmarket. Take the codes of the favorite activity of the French in summer and invest your garden to create a real luxury campsite, the price less.

Furniture worthy of luxury camping in your garden

Make no mistake, when it comes to camping, comfort and style go hand in hand. For camping in your garden without sacrificing decoration, bring the appropriate furniture: deckchairs, deckchairs and folding tables (ideally made of wood), easy to fold and store in winter. You can also divert the traditional camp beds to make benches at nap time, but also hang "egg" armchairs from the trees or even scatter mattresses and floor cushions. As for accessories, a teepee will delight the little ones, while the famous air sofa , very trendy this year, will be popular with the biggest. Easy and quick to inflate this new generation sofa promises long and comfortable naps. The essential: the folding butterfly chair from Lafuma, which has almost become an icon in decoration.

We keep the tent spirit but with a subtle veil over soft deckchairs.

Green lights for camping in the garden

Save yourself from power outages and steep utility bills by investing in wireless and solar powered fixtures. Very economical and definitely eco-friendly, these lamps will move at will when night falls. Wall lights or lights to plant in the ground, you have the choice! Their installation is very simple, since these luminaires do not require any connection. You are therefore free to illuminate your outdoor space as you see fit, depending on the time. For a more bohemian style, think of lanterns and candles. For a more festive and friendly decor, the lanterns will be there. Add a final touch to your light atmosphere: a brazier, a classic campsite. The grilled marshmallows are yours!

A caged light garland for a bohemian chic style in the garden.

Develop a 4-star campsite in the garden

Finally, if you like to tinker, you can easily push the camping atmosphere a little further. Why not convert a garage or a garden shed into a cabin to camp there? Also think about the outdoor shower (where the water heats thanks to the sun), camouflaged by canisses. Ideal for cooling off without a pool! For meals, you can install a small outdoor kitchen. And if you don't want to take as much trouble, the cooler and the picnic basket will already do the trick!

Shower and outdoor kitchen for a competitive glamping in your garden!


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