My perfect cozy room: meeting with Marissa de Rue Rodier

My perfect cozy room: meeting with Marissa de Rue Rodier

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As part of the operation "My perfect cozy room", Marissa de Rue Rodier shared with us her inspirations for a perfect cozy bohemian folk room… We went to ask her a few questions on her blog, her decor tips and Pinterest… Why did you create Rue Rodier? What inspired you? I have always had a passion for photography and aesthetics in general - art, interiors, fashion and also travel. I worked in PR and journalism - I was a website editor in London that talked about fashion, art and culture. When I moved to Paris, I wanted to create my own space on the internet to practice photography and share about my life in Paris. Rue Rodier, it is the first street where I lived in Paris and it is there that my journey towards a "better living" began. At dé we love decoration. Do you have a tip to share with us? Especially to have a cozy bedroom? I love the mix of vintage and contemporary because I think it more reflects the personality of the owner. The fresh flowers brighten up a room immediately and I also really like adding cushions and blankets to the sofa to create a more cozy space during the winter. What is Pinterest for you? A source of inspiration and an online space where I can collect all my images. I also use the Pinterest community to find inspiring images, whether for a shoot or even to produce trend boards. Find Marissa on her blog: And don't forget to participate in the super contest "My perfect cozy room"!


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