3 tips to give style to a small bedroom

3 tips to give style to a small bedroom

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Arranging a small room is sometimes a headache! Do you pay particular attention to this piece that you love but lack solutions to make it pleasant? Don't panic, we give you a few tips for setting up a small bedroom in style.

Small bedroom: how to choose the right furniture?

You are running out of space in the bedroom, but it should not seem empty. We can not clutter the room by making the right choice of furniture, starting with the bed, the central point of the room. It is first recommended to choose it in a reasonable width and to raise it to create a space where to slide some storage boxes. Its height also gives an impression of comfort. If the ceiling height and the layout of the room allow it, you can even treat yourself to the luxury of a four-poster bed to create a cozy nest where you will like to read as much as sleep. The structure must however remain light and be painted in the same color as the walls so that it fits perfectly into the visual field. Around the bed, the furniture should never obstruct the passage, whether it is the bedside tables, the wardrobe or the chest of drawers. To save space, choose corner furniture! If the room has a low ceiling, avoid high furniture.

Wall shelves above the bed to save space without sacrificing decor!

Favor light colors in a small room

The choice of colors is decisive if you want your small bedroom to appear larger. To enlarge the space, opt for light tones : white, light gray, pale blue ... In addition to visually enlarging the space, these pastel shades will help create a soothing atmosphere. For a warm style, think of the alliance of white and wood: a duo always winning! The walls and linens remain white, while the wood is available in minimalist raw furniture, from the headboard to the wardrobe, passing by a pretty bench as a bedside table Simple style!

In a small room, light colors visually enlarge the space.

A clever decoration for a small bedroom

To give style to a small room without cluttering it, you sometimes have to dare. For example, dare to put an XXL painting on the wall. Although this is not the first idea that comes to mind to decorate a small room, it turns out that a large canvas will trompe-l'oeil to enlarge the space. Above all, your room - although small - will thus be able to assert its personality with force! Conversely, an accumulation of frames could give an "overloaded" appearance to the room. Also consider installing a mirror: a decorative accessory whose ability to push the walls of small bedrooms is well known! In addition to the mirror integrated into the cabinet, opt for a large model to be placed against a wall, and for another suspended on the opposite wall, smaller. Finally, play with light to accentuate this impression of space and create a warm atmosphere. We avoid halogen directed towards the ceiling, which closes the room, and we prefer a ceiling lamp and other sources of lights near the bed. Warm, bright and optimized, your room has everything you need!

Practical in everyday life, the mirror also creates an impression of space.