5 decorative objects for your cats that you can make yourself

5 decorative objects for your cats that you can make yourself

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You are completely gaga of your cat and you want to fill it with happiness? Handmade creations! In addition to saving money, DIY cats are often more aesthetic than commercially available accessories. Games, scratching posts, baskets and huts, cat trees and bowls… Discover all of our ideas for decorative objects for cats to make yourself!

1. A scratching post to let off steam:

© Almost Makes Perfect It's no secret that cats need to make their mark, especially when they live indoors! The scratching post is therefore essential for their well-being! That's good, there is nothing easier than creating yourself, a scraper worthy of the name. Forget the cardboard models that we buy in stores and imagine a durable and aesthetic scratching post! The simplest is to use a wooden board and wrap it with a sisal rope as shown in the DIY (in English) from the blog 'Almost Makes Perfect'. But you can also imagine a scraper on foot and colorful as imagined by the blogger of 'A Beautiful Mess' or even integrate it into a piece of furniture like the creation signed We Are Scout!

2. A basket for lazing around:

© we are knitters Like many cat owners, you want to pamper your little feline by offering him a basket where he can bundle up. Again, it's easy to get your hands dirty! We love the cocooning version of the crochet basket signed 'we are knitters'. It must be said, this cozy basket would almost make us want to have the same! Because in addition to being comfortable, it gives a cozy look to the decor of the room in which it is located. Other practical and aesthetic solutions: the wooden cat house and the miniature teepee! No doubt, with these creations, your cat will not lack style!

3. A toy for fun:

© Moukita It is often said that a cat has fun with nothing. A ball made of aluminum, a piece of cardboard or a string is enough for your cat to ignite. Because it is well worth it, how about creating even more playful toys for him? Stimulate his hunting spirit by offering him a toy in the shape of a mouse! In the same way as the blogger 'Moukita', you can use felt, a privileged material for cat's claws. We also fall for the production of 'Prodigal Pieces' whose creator imagined adorable cat toys in the shape of vegetables in which, she slipped catnip. An ingenious idea to fill your 4-legged friend!

4. A cat tree for climbing:

© By Brittany Goldwyn We teach you nothing, cats need to work out to keep themselves in shape. Outdoors, they are excellent acrobats but indoors, they can quickly get bored if they don't have climbing space. This is why the cat tree is so important! But let's be honest, in addition to being overpriced, the models sold in supermarkets are not always very aesthetic. Never mind, nothing prevents you from imagining one with a more attractive look. Especially since there is no shortage of solutions… Among our favorites, discover the tutorials of the 'ecoloured' and 'By Brittany Goldwyn' blogs on how to make a cat tree from furniture. And for those who have a vivid imagination, you can imagine an acrobatic course using wall shelves!

5. A bowl for refueling:

© I Do It Myself After the games and the steamers, the baskets and the houses, it's time for the bowls for handmade cats! For a trendy dining area, we found an adorable DIY! It is about the creation of the blog 'I Do It Myself' which imagined supports for mess tin in the shape of cats. The advantage of this tutorial? You can imagine the shapes you want and decline it as you see fit. Finally, here is a way to make the time for a snack more fun! The idea is to create a box to stimulate the cats neurons. Like the blog 'Chatterie Nekobaa', it suffices to install a multitude of cardboard rollers in a shoe box. Put some kibble in the rolls and all you have to do is let your cat run out of steam…