What budget should you plan to renovate your kitchen?

What budget should you plan to renovate your kitchen?

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Tiles, paint, furniture, your kitchen needs to be renovated. But the addition to renovate can quickly be substantial. To control your expenses and offer a complete makeover to your kitchen, it is essential to ask yourself the right questions before you start. Discover our 3 tips to rearrange your kitchen according to your desires ... and establish your budget!

Tip # 1: Establish your kitchen budget by prioritizing

Should we change everything? Or will a paint job and new closet doors suffice? Before even entering a decoration store or a kitchen designer, you must imperatively think about the extent of the work that you plan in your kitchen. In general, know that there are 3 criteria to take into account for estimate the budget what you will need: - the size of your room - the elements you want to change - the quality of the materials you will use. Depending on your project, you will have several options. Call on a kitchen designer, an interior designer or even do the work yourself.

The choice of a convivial and dinner kitchen

The different budget ranges for a kitchen

Obviously the amount of work will not be the same. If you are installing yourself a kit kitchen like those available at Ikea or Alinéa, the budget will be between 1,000 euros and 3,000 euros . However, installation by a professional will cost you between 5,000 and 10,000 euros . This wide range is explained by the appearance " tailored " of your renovation.

The modernity of a lacquered kitchen

Tip # 2: for a small kitchen budget, prefer small changes

Sometimes small jobs can completely change the look of your kitchen. A more modern credenza, a beautiful trendy painting or new closet fronts are enough to completely revamp your kitchen. If you are only considering a change of paint and the facades of your furniture it is very easy to make these changes yourself. There are very good brands of paint that will allow you to repaint 20m² for around fifty euros (Leroy Merlin) and modern and design cupboard facades from 36 euros at Ikea for example.

Opt for vintage recycling in the kitchen!

Tip # 3: budget, bet on vintage!

Vintage has invaded our house and this of course includes the kitchen! If your budget is tight, don't despair! We put on sales sites between individuals to hunt for trendy pieces and at very low prices. Sometimes just a few decorative items are enough to revive a kitchen whose decor is running out. We change the chairs with industrial style stools, we repaint the cupboard doors with a specific paint, we install a stainless steel laminated splashback (from 99 euros at Leroy Merlin). And in a jiffy, you can enjoy a brand new kitchen at a low price!

The charm always operates in the kitchen with the timeless white


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