How to organize a Halloween snack?

How to organize a Halloween snack?

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At All Saints' Day, the days get shorter, winter sets in, and Christmas still seems far away. What if we organized a big Halloween snack to decorate the house, concoct delicious recipes and above all make children dream? All our tips for a festive snack, fun and easy to prepare!

Halloween, a great excuse to celebrate All Saints' Day

If you think that Halloween is above all an Anglo-Saxon celebration recuperated in France for marketing purposes, it is time to reconsider this event with another eye. Admittedly, there is no question of importing the American concept to the letter and setting off at night to ring the bell at the door of astonished neighbors. On the other hand, our European calendar does not offer any other celebration at this time of the year, which is seriously depressing for young and old alike. The benefits of the summer holidays have completely disappeared after 7 weeks of school, we switch to winter time, night falls too early, we celebrate the dead, in short, the atmosphere is not crazy. Halloween then becomes an excellent opportunity to mobilize the imagination of children, to decorate the house for the fall with beautiful squashes and garlands of funny ghosts, to prepare together delicious cookies and pumpkin soups or even to organize manual activities, even if it's raining outside ... Long live Halloween!

A concentrate of good humor at All Saints' Day with this DIY lantern!

A beautiful invitation for Halloween

So, ready to get started on a children's snack? If Halloween falls this year on a Tuesday (October 31), nothing prevents you from doing it on the second or third weekend of All Saints' Day, or Wednesday afternoon. Start by preparing beautiful invitations in the shape of ghosts, bats, vampires or pumpkins. If the children are already grown, they may also like to decline the theme with a Harry Potter invitation ... Let your imagination run wild!

How to decorate the house for Halloween?

For decoration, you have the choice between two strong themes: accessories that freeze blood or squash and pumpkins. To remain faithful to the Anglo-Saxon spirit and to fill your little monsters eager for thrills, the decoration-that-scares remains essential. Hang giant spider webs on your furniture, make cardboard spiders out of pipe cleaner legs, float ghosts with balloons inflated with helium and covered with white sheets… You can also cut bats mouse in black card stock, hang witch hats, write bloody messages with lipstick on the mirrors ... Also take care of the lighting with candle jars and candles for a haunted mansion atmosphere! But if this American folklore puts you off, decorate the house with squash! A true ode to fall and to nature, a decoration of coloquintes, pumpkins and pumpkins brings warmth and gaiety to the house in November. Find our 10 decorative ideas around the pumpkin.

Beautiful orange squashes to warm up the atmosphere

Halloween cookie and cake recipes

For the snack buffet, the same principle: we mix scary recipes and sweet and savory recipes around the pumpkin to introduce children to autumn vegetables without seeming to! Our recipe ideas: * A yogurt cake decorated with black sugar paste, with white chocolate spider web * A chocolate cake with orange sugar paste, to be cut in the shape of a pumpkin * a pumpkin pie (and oh surprise, the kids love it!) * clementines transformed into halloween pumpkins with a simple pen * cookies in the shape of bats or skeletons * chocolate macaroons transformed into spiders with licorice threads * muffins decorated with black and orange candies or mini witch hats * grenadine "vampire blood" * apple juice "bat pee"

A great opportunity to cook with the kids!

Trick or treat !

As Halloween would not really be Halloween without candy, we also prepare sweets to make people tremble with terror: * white chamallows disguised as ghosts with a food felt * lollipops dressed in a handkerchief tied with a thread to make ghosts * small colorful candies presented in hollowed clementines * licorice threads unrolled on the buffet… And if your neighbors are ready to play the game, warn them beforehand, possibly provide their few packages of candy and ask the children to knock at their doors shouting "Candy or a spell!". Guaranteed success.

Terror Lollipops

What activities to organize for Halloween?

There is no shortage of activities on Halloween! From the makeup session to the coloring session, thinking about treasure hunting and preparing a pumpkin, children will not be bored! Our activity ideas: * Disguise and makeup on the theme of vampires and witches * Mummy game: we surround the children with toilet paper (plan a roll for each child) and they must free themselves. * Candy hunt in the house * The witches' ball * Make a Halloween lantern * Painting on pumpkin * Coloring on clementines to create scary mini-pumpkins * Making pumpkin masks with paper plates * Creating skeletons with cotton swabs stuck on black paper So as the English say: Happy Halloween!

DIY or coloring?