Do you speak "lagom"?

Do you speak "lagom"?

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For a few months, fashion and decor enthusiasts have sworn by this Swedish concept which advocates moderation, balance and simplicity. Each purchase, each decorative desire now goes through a crucial question: is it really lagom? So, is it just a fashion phenomenon or a new way of life to adopt?

After the "hygge", here is the essential "lagom!

Certainly, the Scandinavians have a lot to teach us. A year ago, the Danes entrusted us with their recipe for happiness through the philosophy of Hygge. This art of living which could be summed up as lighting candles and curling up under a soft blanket with a good book gave us back the taste of small simple and accessible pleasures. A hot cup of tea, a few friends, a good cake and candles, and hop life had never been better! This year, the publication of three books on lagom invites us to rediscover the Swedish art of living, which turns out to be much more complex and inspiring than a trip to Ikea. Among these egalitarian and parity people who are among the happiest in Europe, everything is a question of moderation and fair balance. From the decor to the plate through the dressing room, beauty, family life and professional relationships, it is above all a question of finding the right measure, neither too much nor too little, neither luxurious nor low-end, never excessive and always reasonable and respectful ... Extensive program!

A refined style, noble and soft materials…

Lagom, the art of balance and minimalism

If some are already screaming at the idea of ​​having to be measured and categorically refusing to deprive themselves of shopping sprees, it must be recognized that the art of lagom is very timely. Better still, it allows us to synthesize our desires for order and minimalism inspired by Marie Kondo and her Storage Magic and our desires for deceleration, responsible consumption, budget control, sleek design ... and cozy blankets . Concretely, the art of lagom requires consumption more intelligently: we look for beautiful materials and quality without being fooled by the marketing sirens, we think local, responsible and respectful of the planet, we recycle and we also buy in seconds hand, and above all we avoid impulse purchases and luxury products without added value. At home as in your closet, you separate objects that clutter us unnecessarily (see our infographic) and we prefer to have less, but better quality.

Design furniture, beautiful sheets, a vase ... And that's it!

A clean, bright and environmentally friendly house

In decoration, the lagom style is therefore a concentrate of simple, functional, warm and friendly Scandinavian design. Exit the shelves loaded with trinkets, the space must above all be clean and legible, without overload. We start by sorting out our things to keep only what is really important and of quality, we optimize the space with clever storage and we store everything that can be so as not to disturb the view. As for accessories, the lagom style encourages you to choose soft and natural materials, with light or warm colors. If the plastic is absolutely not lagom, the curtains, the cushions, the plaids, the raw wooden objects and all the cocooning accessories are certainly it. The candles and light garlands dear to the Danes are also perfectly lagom, as well as the green plants that bring nature into the house even in winter… Finally, ecological and societal awareness is at the heart of the concept, so we avoid disposable and we think sustainable in all circumstances.

Priority on decluttering! Sort better to live better!

Lagom 365 days a year

So, seduced by the lagom? If the "lagomisation" of your interior has convinced you, you just have to extend this art of living to all facets of your life. Clearly, we stop wanting to always have more to be content with what we already have, we become aware of the small daily pleasures and we maintain them, we flee excess and we seek more fluidity in human relationships, we puts family and friends at the center of his life ... And if finally, happiness was in lagom?

Beautiful objects and a few branches are enough to dress the space


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