The most beautiful flowers for a summer wedding

The most beautiful flowers for a summer wedding

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Summer remains THE season of choice for weddings. The prospect of a beautiful sunny day, a light dress and many outdoor activities quickly make you forget the risks of heatwave. But to prevent the floral decorations from getting hot, it is better to favor local and seasonal varieties! Depending on the region where the wedding will be celebrated, choose one or two emblematic varieties and decline them in bouquets, centerpieces, suspensions, decoration of benches…

The sunflower, for a sunny wedding

Long live yellow! For a marriage under the sign of gaiety and simplicity, sunflowers are perfect. These large solar flowers bring a rural and dynamic touch that will leave a lasting impression. Very inexpensive, they are self-sufficient: five sunflowers and a few branches in a large jar, and it is the effect "wow" assured! A bridal bouquet yellow and white, a small buttonhole sunflower, large bouquets, a few yellow accessories, and here is your successful wedding decor with three times nothing!

A yellow, yellow, yellow marriage…

Lavender, for a fragrant wedding

In Provence, lavender is a must throughout the summer. If you are lucky enough to get married next to lavender fields, don't hesitate to organize all your wedding decoration around this deliciously scented flower and its characteristic blue color. Available in bridal bouquet, table decoration and small guest gifts, this mythical flower and its penetrating fragrance will forever be associated with the happiest day of your life. And if you are getting married in church, replace the rice with lavender flowers!

In the lavender fields, an unforgettable photo session

English roses, for a romantic wedding

Flower of love par excellence, the rose still appeals to brides as much. Romantic and fragrant, the queen of flowers is a true ode to femininity and to all facets of the feeling of love. For a wedding with perfect elegance, choose old varieties in pastel shades. English roses, like David Austin varieties, offer generous flowering, excellent vase life and an unforgettable fragrance…

The eternal charm of old roses

The olive tree, for an eternal marriage

Since Antiquity, olive branches have symbolized peace, fidelity, longevity and hope. What more beautiful symbol to imagine to celebrate a wedding? In a bridal bouquet, the olive leaves sublimely enhance the white or pastel flowers. In table decoration, a few branches in gray-green hues alone provide an elegant decoration with strong symbolic power. And they are not likely to suffer from the heat! So if you are getting married in the South, don't hesitate!

In a bouquet of roses or as a table decoration…

Hydrangeas, for a garden wedding

Garden flowers par excellence, hydrangeas bloom all summer in most regions of France. White, blue or pink, they lend themselves perfectly to the composition of generous and feminine bouquets. Their inflorescences in a ball allow to create centerpieces and simple or sophisticated floral decorations, give free rein to your imagination ...

For a blue or pink theme, long live hydrangeas!

White arums, for a sophisticated marriage

Great classic of summer weddings, arum is highly prized by lovers of refined decoration. Its cornet flowers make it possible to compose cascading bridal bouquets and numerous floral decorations which combine the purity of white and the sophistication of a flower with almost exotic looks.

Arum, a great classic for summer weddings

Chamomile flowers for a country wedding

Country weddings are attracting more and more young couples, who prefer to marry wild flowers rather than ruin themselves at the florist… For a bohemian wedding with an addictive scent, opt for chamomile! As a bridal bouquet, in centerpieces or as rice to be thrown on the newlyweds at the end of the church, chamomile is poetic to wishes…

Chamomile, a flower full of charm!

Dahlias, for a colorful wedding

From July to September, dahlias are among the most beautiful garden flowers. There are hundreds of varieties, of all colors and almost all shapes. Red, pink, white, yellow, orange, mauve or pastel, dahlias can be recognized by their vibrant colors and their opulent flowers. If pastel shades aren't your cup of tea, dahlias should make you happy. Namely, in the language of flowers, the pink dahlia means "I will do my best to make you happy" and the red dahlia "I will always love you"!

The dahlia, the flower of August weddings!

Wheat ears for a lucky wedding

Summer is also the harvest season. Harvesting has always been associated with prosperity and fertility, which has given rise to many traditions and superstitions. During Antiquity, the grains of wheat were also thrown on the bride and groom to assure them a beautiful descendants. For a country wedding rich in symbols, wheat makes it possible to make very beautiful decorations in advance, with a minimum budget. And don't forget to offer lucky ears to your guests!

Lucky ears of wheat, a gift rich in symbols

Carnations, for a poetic wedding

More original, the carnation deserves to be rediscovered for summer weddings. Forget its bad reputation, this flower of great beauty, which comes in all shades ranging from white to red, brings grace and lightness to a bridal bouquet and table decoration. These pompom flowers also slip into the buttonhole and into the bride's bun. Associated with a few gypsophila branches or a few garden roses, carnations also deserve to be the kings of the party!

Pink carnations, flowers to rediscover…


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