What is enterprise quality RGE?

What is enterprise quality RGE?

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You may not know it, but RGE quality can damn lower the cost of your aluminum doors, windows and / or verandas. We tell you how and why to call on an approved EGR professional for your work. "Recognized Garant Environnement": remember the name of this mention!

The sign of RGE quality

RGE "Recognized Guarantor Environment". This acronym may not tell you much, and yet it can allow you to make great energy savings ... and financial savings on your renovation work. Created by the State and the ADEME (Agency for the Environment and Energy Management), the RGE mention meets two objectives: - Distinguish businesses, professionals and craftsmen contributing to the improvement of energy performance buildings. - Give reliable and harmonized benchmarks to individuals wishing to undertake energy renovation work in their homes. To obtain RGE certification, craftsmen and professionals in the aluminum sector must meet all the quality criteria required by the certification. Energy saving training program, designation of an RGE technical manager and compliance with certain administrative and legal obligations are among the conditions required to qualify for RGE certification. The issue of the RGE label is then corroborated by regular audits on the quality of the sites. Failure to comply with these conditions results in the suspension of the RGE mention held by the company.

Why call on an RGE certified professional for your work?

Synonymous with demanding commitment for professionals in the aluminum sector, RGE quality offers the guarantee of a service provided by a craftsman and / or a professional recognized and accredited for his skills in terms of energy efficiency. Thanks to this precious mention, you are able to identify a craftsman specialized in energy savings in the blink of an eye. But that's not all ! With a 30% tax credit and a zero-rate eco-loan to the key, the interest of calling on a RGE certified professional for his work is quickly understood! Thus, entrusting its work to a qualified RGE company allows: - To be eligible for the energy transition tax credit : only work carried out by RGE approved professionals and craftsmen entitles you to CITE (Tax Credit for the Energy Transition). In other words: no RGE, no tax credit! - Benefit from a zero-rate eco-loan : flagship measure of the Grenelle of the environment, eco-loan at zero rate allows owners to carry out energy saving works without paying interest ... provided that these are carried out by professionals and / or RGE certified craftsmen. Once the work carried out in the rules of eco-energy art by the professional RGE, the energy bill drops significantly, allowing you to "do your part" in preserving the environment. In addition, the mention RGE will guarantee you not only quality windows but also the certainty of calling on a qualified company - the qualification Qualibat - and who will have been trained in energy saving. Find more information on the Alu Window site In partnership with Architecture & Aluminum