I want blue flowers on my balcony!

I want blue flowers on my balcony!

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Ultra trendy in decoration, blue evokes freshness, softness, the sea and the sky of the holidays! Often used to bring calm and serenity to the bedroom and the bathroom, the favorite color of the French is also now invited on the balcony, with planters in shades of sky blue and indigo blue. Do you dream of a cascade of blue flowers? Here is a selection of plants with blue flowers, season by season.

What plants to grow to have blue flowers on my balcony in spring?

In the first fine days, the blue of crocuses, muscaris and forget-me-nots echoes the color of a cloudless sky. Complementary to yellow, it also blends harmoniously with daffodils and bright yellow daffodils. Then it is the turn of the irises and wisteria which perfume the air of fresh mornings before the triumph of the lilacs. * Forget-me-not * Muscaris * Crocus * Blue Aubriète * Large-leaved Brunnère * Navel of Venus * Lilac * Comfrey * Iris * Anemone blanda * Ceanothe or California lilac * Wisteria

Muscaris bulbs are planted in the fall, for an intense blue spring flowering.

The blue flowers of summer on my balcony

While some seek shade and humidity, other summer blue flowers appreciate warmth and direct sunlight. You must therefore choose them according to the exposure of your balcony. Some are pale blue, like blueberries, agapanthus and plumbagos, while others display a darker blue sometimes tending to mauve: omega, borage and lavender. All bring a beneficial visual freshness. * Agapanthus * Hydrangea * Gentian * Lavender * Italian Bugloss, Anchusa azurea * Plumbago * Solanum shrub * Borage * Blueberry * Flax * Viperine * Ipomea * Aconite or monk's hood * Delphinium * Veronica * Campanula of walls * Convolvulus mauritanicus * Calibrach

To get blue hydrangeas, you need very acidic soil and slate powder.

The blue flowers of autumn

In the fall, asters are at the party and invade the gardens and flower beds. Until October, the blue blooms prolong the Indian summer. * Geranium Azure rush and ibericum Vital * Aconite * Aster * Hibiscus syriacus * Solanum * Perovskia * Buddleia * Caryopteris

Asters, stars of autumn.

The blue flowers of winter

Dwarf irises are stubborn, they will bloom all winter long in the cold and lack of light. Some plants will withstand a few days' snow cover and even high winds. Birds or robins will sometimes peck at them ... but they will prefer warmer colors. * Pansy * Dwarf Iris reticulata * Hepatic anemone * Violet * Ipeion

Thoughts bring color to winter planters.