How to choose a seagrass rug?

How to choose a seagrass rug?

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The essential information

  1. Seagrass carpet: the charm of natural fiber
  2. Choosing your seagrass carpet: the different criteria
  3. Seagrass carpet: for which room?
  4. Decorate your home with a seagrass rug
  5. What about the maintenance of the seagrass carpet

A rush carpet: the charm of natural fiber

Seagrass belongs to the family of natural fiber flooring. From a marshy plant native to the flooded estuaries of Asia, its fibers are dried and braided in an artisanal way before taking place in our interiors in the form of carpet or carpet. Pleasant to the eye with its natural colors and its braided look,seagrass carpet offers a choice alternative to traditional rugs. Resistant to wear and aesthetics, seagrass has no equal in dressing the interior with the natural elegance that is its own. And that's also why we love it.

Choosing your seagrass rug: the criteria

  • The color of the seagrass carpet : being a waterproof natural fiber, seagrass cannot be dyed. The color of your seagrass carpet is therefore that of the original plant at the time of its harvest. This can vary from beige to ocher, passing through the nuances of honey which sometimes vary over time.
  • The look of weaving : seagrass rugs have three types of weaving: checkerboard, herringbone or twist ... Choose according to the effect you want to give to your decor.
  • Format and dimensions : rectangular, round, square, XS or XXL: the format and dimensions of your seagrass carpet are to be adapted to the room. Note that seagrass is also used as a full-fledged floor covering, like natural fiber carpet.
  • The quality of the reverse : the back of the decor like the back of the carpet can hide the use of synthetic materials. If you choose a seagrass rug for its ecological properties, make sure the underlay is made of natural latex.
  • The quality of the weaving : the tighter the weaving, the more pleasant the seagrass carpet is to the touch. If you like to walk barefoot, be sure to choose a fine, tightly woven seagrass rug.

Seagrass carpet: for which room?

If it is naturally adopted in the living room and living areas, the seagrass carpet is also suitable for other rooms in the house such as the veranda, bedroom, hallway or office. But that's not all ... In addition to being aesthetic, natural and ecological, the seagrass carpet also has the advantage of integrating into damp rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen. But beware, the seagrass blackens and / or becomes covered with mold. This is why it should be avoided in unventilated and unventilated rooms such as bathrooms without VMC. Finally, note that the seagrass carpet tends to lose its luster when it is placed in rooms that are too dry and / or directly exposed to the sun.

Seagrass carpet: for what decoration?

Its organic, braided and artisanal look makes seagrass carpet the ally of many decorative styles. To create a natural atmosphere, we happily combine seagrass rugs with other natural materials such as wood, rattan or wicker. The seagrass also reveals very well the seaside atmospheres from which it comes. Its natural presence wonderfully enhances interiors with a Provencal look or a chic or rustic countryside. Its artisanal and authentic touches finally make seagrass a revealer of minimalist, bohemian, vintage, contemporary or Boho styles… Just that!

What about the maintenance of the seagrass carpet

Choosing the right seagrass carpet is also thinking about its maintenance ... To vacuum : essential to remove dust and impurities, the vacuum cleaner must be passed regularly. Wet your carpet in seagrass : seagrass is a living material that needs water ... but without excess. Never clean your carpet with plenty of water ... A spray or cloth soaked in clear water once a month is enough to restore luster, vigor and elasticity to your seagrass carpet. Air your carpet in seagrass : To avoid the growth of mold, your seagrass mat should be ventilated as often as possible.


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