8 lighting ideas for a ceiling that does not lack style!

8 lighting ideas for a ceiling that does not lack style!

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1. Transparent light globes

If you are looking for transparent lighting for a more elegant look, the "globes" pendant lights are made for you. With their pretty rounded shape and their completely transparent texture, these pendant lights will find their place in any interior. Some models are available with smoked glass globes so as not to dazzle you if your bulbs are too powerful.

Very design, do not hesitate to hang them as much as possible in the room so that they almost reach eye level: it would be a shame to do without their pretty shine!

2. The wooden suspensions

Long confined to furniture such as chairs, furniture and tables, wood is now entering the world of lighting ... to the delight of the eyes! So if you want to hang original lights on your ceiling, you can opt for models with a natural wooden structure: guaranteed wow effect, especially when you turn them on and the openwork suspensions let in a softly dimmed light that is reflected on the ceiling !

3. A quirky pendant lamp that is both rustic and design

If you have a decoration that is a little too wise and you want to bring it a little quirky side, or if you have a rustic decoration that you want to assume 100%, play the game fully with the antler suspension!
An elegant and majestic light, which will give cachet to your interior and which will perfectly accommodate a "country chic" atmosphere.

4. An XXL chandelier

If you are lucky enough to have a living room with a high ceiling, or even a cathedral living room and you want to nicely dress the space between the floor and the ceiling, the XXL chandelier in length can be an excellent solution !
Not only will it brighten up the room with class and elegance, but it will also occupy the vertical space to avoid the empty effect of very tall rooms. A winning combo in short!

5. Revisited industrial suspensions

Suspensions in industrial mode in black metal and perforated may well be very pretty, we must admit that we see them everywhere and that we are starting to get tired of them. This is why if you are a fan of the industrial style but you don't want everyone's lights, you can opt for revisited industrial suspensions: less openwork, more colorful, do not hesitate to mix them for an optimal visual rendering !

6. A vintage style golden chandelier

In a living room, the lights always bring the little decorative touch that makes all the difference. To sublimate yours with ease, the retro multi-lamp chandelier will do the trick: both very design (its vintage appearance, its golden finishes) but simple (its refined form, its sober lines), it is suitable for all the interiors ... even if it will be in perfect harmony with a vintage or art deco decor!

7. An avalanche of lights

If a lamp hanging alone on the ceiling does not make a big effect, it is quite the opposite when you let hang from the latter an avalanche of bulbs: a very original and very design concept, which will obviously be more suitable for very large spaces!
To avoid ending up with an overly salty electricity bill, opt for more economical LED bulbs…

8. The homemade driftwood pendant lamp

If you have good DIY skills and you are looking for a 100% personalized light fixture, here is a good idea: collect 4 pieces of driftwood, fix them together, and come and wind up the number of bulbs of your choice.
For an original and natural decor, it's just perfect!


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