Calculation and installation of the rod or rails

Calculation and installation of the rod or rails

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Rod or rail?

The rail or rail is the most suitable if the head of your curtains conceals it. It consists of one (or two if there are two curtains) metallic or PVC profile in which slide trolleys, the riders, slide the curtains using plastic clips. A rod or drawstring allows the regular closing and opening, and without wrinkling, of the curtain ... Simple, effective - and without any ornamental interest! On the other hand, if your rod is visible, with beautiful decorative end caps, you will be spoiled for choice of model, as the manufacturers offer us wonders!

Where to put it?

Before choosing the rod or rail, you must determine the type of installation according to the window and its position on the wall.
The most common installation for tubular rods is to apply, against the wall, above the window with supports.
On the ceiling, when the space between the window and the ceiling is reduced, with screwable supports. It is ideal with an extra-flat rail.
Between two walls for a large panel, with "birth supports".
On one side against a wall and on the other wall. You will find these special tips at the manufacturers.
On end supports, the rod having returns perpendicular to the wall. Calculation of the rod size Unless you want to visually change the volume of your room through the installation of curtains, you will provide a rod projecting 15 to 20 cm on each side of the window. In all cases, the length of a curtain rod must be sufficient so that the curtain completely clears the window when opened and lets in light. As a general rule, unless the distance between the top of the window and the ceiling is too narrow, you will install the rod fixing brackets at a third of this height. Seen from the ground, at eye level, it will look good in the center of this space.

The step by step

Rod installation


Plumb on each side of the window, mark the location of your rod by checking the horizontality with a spirit level.


Trace the location of the rod by distributing the overhang equally on each side of the window. To do this, mark the center line of the window, then the center of the rod and make the two lines coincide.


Cut the rod to the correct length. A miter box allows a clean and square cut.


Using a suitable drill bit, drill the fixing holes of the supports. Anchor by choosing dowels suitable for the wall material.


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